The Song Prescription (beta)

Heal yourself through songwriting


The Song Prescription includes over 40 video lessons that will take you through the songwriting process in easily digestible steps. 


Never feel stuck again. For a limited time this offer includes 8 weeks of private coaching with Elise, so you can get all of your questions answered personally.


Forget note taking - we've done all the hard work for you. Every lesson includes a downloadable PDF so you can keep all your notes handy. 

Course Curriculum

Shoshanna Louise

Singer / Songwriter 

"Elise's course helps break down songwriting into really clear and easily do-able chunks. She shows you how to tap into your creativity in new ways without letting your inner critic get in the way. I didn't realise how simple songwriting could be and how overcomplicated I've been making it for myself!"

Katie Wellenberg

Singer / Songwriter 

"Whether you are a beginning songwriter or have been writing for years, this course is amazing! Elise has a way of simplifying concepts and guiding you in easy digestible steps from generating song ideas to the actual process of writing them!"

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    Heal yourself through songwriting

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