About Elise

Elise Cabret is an Australian singer-songwriter, coach and mentor, who specialises in helping people support their mental health through songwriting. She is currently helping creatives across the world, transform their practice via her private coaching, online course, Youtube channel, and  Facebook group.

Elise has personally experienced significant mental health issues in her teens and early 20's, making her a compassionate coach. During  her  mental health journey, she learned to use songwriting as a powerful outlet for self-exploration and self-expression, and she credits much of her recovery to music. Elise has gone on to write hundreds of songs, recording and performing regularly as a professional music artist.

Since founding DAWter in 2019, Elise has developed many tools to help people explore their creativity with confidence, while curbing perfectionism and self-limiting beliefs. Her friendly and approachable personality continues to grow her community online, making her an emerging leader in this space.