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Elise Cabret is an Australian songwriter and coach, who specializes in helping people improve their mental health through songwriting.
She is currently helping creatives across the world, transform their practice via her private coaching, online course, Youtube channel, and  Facebook group.

Work With Me

If you’re tired of feeling trapped by perfectionism, self doubt or feeling like you’re “just not enough” then I highly recommend you get in touch with me. I know those feelings intimately and I can help you out of that hole, so you can discover the creative YOU, that you were always meant to be! Send me a message and we can chat about the best options to get you started. 

 "This course shows that songwriting is more than just writing great songs. It shows that songwriting is a HEALING tool that lets you share your stories with others, in order to help them too." 

Alise Koa
Host - Musicians Secrets Podcast